You likely have many responsibilities, and it is normal to want to do away with some of them – and sometimes this is possible. When it is not, unfortunately, we are forced to accept we will have to contend with our duties when necessary to avoid what could be dire consequences. But it is not all bad: they are called responsibilities for a reason, and when they are looked after, help to provide us with a better life.

What are you in charge of? In your list of responsibilities, where does your health rank? Is it near the top? If it is not, sometimes you need to reconsider. There is nothing more important than your health. Unfortunately, you may realize this when disease strikes or probably worsens. Knock on wood, but it is a possibility we all share …

  • do not wait until a dangerous situation becomes worse to value your well-being.
  • do not allow obesity lead to the development of heart disease.
  • do not Let Type 2 diabetes and unstable blood sugar linger and exacerbate because more severe circumstances will unfold.

What is your reason for not taking care of your health? Hopefully, you can ignore this point because you have been taking care of your health, in which case this would be a reminder. If not – why are your not taking care of yourself?

Do you have anything better to do than take care of your health? You may find yourself saying yes, or but … but? Take a moment to consider if there is anything more important than your well-being …

  • you may think it is your job or career, because how else could you provide for yourself or your family.
  • you may think it is your family or your close friends because you would prefer to place importance on something external, something other than yourself. Or
  • it may be something simple but remarkably essential for you, like music, writing fiction, or an unusual hobby.

Ask yourself this: is it possible to enjoy all life offers if you are unwell? But if you are well now – what will happen when your health does decline? Do not consider the worst scenario; even regular fatigue or lack of energy can hinder your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Your health is number one because only when it is looked after you have full freedom to appreciate everything else. That is not to say anything outside of your health should be overlooked for the sake of your well-being.

Take care of your health; it is probably the most critical area of ​​your life. Accepting responsibility for your health can be frustrating and when dealing with some medical news fraught with emotion and hampered by the grieving process. Going to participate in the process, will enable you to follow many or all of the recommendations given to you by health-care professionals.