There is a common misconception surrounding Type 2 diabetes suggesting it can not be treated or reversed. To be fair, it is usually those who do not know much about the disease who have this belief. With informed knowledge of Type 2 diabetes comes the understanding it can be treated, and it can be put into remission.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that develops over the course of many years. Even if you have not led the healthiest lifestyle of late and you find yourself diagnosed, it is unquestionably to be a result of your recent years. More often than not, this form of diabetes unfolds over the course of ten to fifteen years. If you have been given a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, it is because you have not been entirely healthy for an extended period. And yes, whether you want to know it or not, it is because of an unhealthy lifestyle. But you knew this already.

On a more positive note, you know what you must do. You know you need to get healthy. It is a given you can eat healthily and include a reasonable amount of exercise in your lifestyle. Perhaps it would be wise for you to seek the guidance of a therapist experienced in working with people who have diabetes. Thinking of yourself as a victim without any choices to make in your life will not work. Having Type 2 diabetes does not mean you can not live a full, productive and fun-loving extraordinary life. Ideally, you should seek the assistance of your medical doctor to work in partnership with you.

Do not let diabetes exacerbate. It can and likely would result in serious complications. It can put your life at risk and probably shave years off your life. Understanding Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease with complications. It is not a condition that suddenly arises and can immediately be treated with medical intervention. But this does not mean you can not take control of your health …

  • read books,
  • subscribe to magazines specializing in diabetes, or
  • take it on yourself to search the internet for information.

Treat it with your intervention. It may take some time, but so what. Do you have anything better to do than take care of your health?

It's worth reading that last sentence again.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that can be controlled. You can prepare for tomorrow by taking control of your health today. You can determine how healthy you will be, and what kind of quality you will have.

Do it for yourself. Empower yourself: it is an important concept that begins with your education on the disease and a choice to help yourself.