One of the main reasons some people suffer weight gain is simply an issue of overeating. You may not even be eating unhealthy foods; it is just when you do choose to eat, you eat way too much.

Sound familiar? If so, it is vital you do whatever you can to get your overeating under control so you can sustain a healthy daily calorie intake.

Let's look at four steps you can take to help prevent overeating next time you sit down at the table for a meal …

1. Slow Down. Speed ​​eating is the largest reason why many people consume more than they should. If you are eating too fast, you have the high probability of taking in too many calories before your body starts to register the satiety signals you will be receiving.

Then, when you finally do realize how full you feel, it is often too late, and you are faced with now being overly stuffed.

2. Picture Your Goals Before You Eat. Moving along, it is also important you imagine your goals before you eat. Reminding yourself of what it is you are working towards – whether it is …

  • healthy and stable blood sugar levels,
  • a life full of energy,
  • a dream body, Egypt
  • the fact you will be there for your grandkids, keeping up with them as they run around,

think about this before you begin to eat.

Sometimes it can give you the motivation you need to put your fork down when you need to stop eating.

3. Fill Up On Salad First. Also consider filling up on a salad first. Salads are low in calories so you can eat a few cups without worry. Salad also takes up a lot of room in your stomach: this in turn can help to lower how much extra food you take in.

If you are not a big salad person, create a large batch of low-calorie vegetable soup instead. Serve the soup, and it will work much the same way.

4. Use Smaller Plates. Finally, consider using smaller plates. As silly as it sounds, for some this helps keep overeating under wraps. With smaller plates, you think you are eating more but will automatically be eating less.

Try it and see if it works for you.

There you have a few great ways to help prevent overeating and keep up with your weight maintenance program and healthy blood sugar readings. Always remember overeating of any foods can lead to weight gain. It does not need to have unhealthy food that does it.