The first question you may have is: “can Type 2 diabetes be prevented?” You may have more to add before you have the answer …

  • “What if Type 2 diabetes runs in my family?”
  • “What if my background makes me vulnerable to diabetes?”
  • “What if I've been overweight most of my life?”
  • “What about my situation?”

The answer is a resounding yes, as you might have guessed. But you may wonder if the answer is the same if we are talking about an indefinite amount of time. Can diabetes be preceded forever? The answer to this one is not so simple.

Firstly, a set of conditions for Type 2 diabetes to be prevented must be in place. It requires more than just executing a couple of goals, like eating better or exercising on a regular basis. We can all do these things, but how many of us can follow through with these preventive measures week in, and week out?

If preventing the disease is on your mind, you must be ready to commit to a better lifestyle. Not just now, but tomorrow, and the next day, the next week and month, and so on. One thing is sure: you can not passively prevent Type 2 diabetes. Prevention requires an active commitment. This does not mean you have to labor every day. If you can even consider it work all the time: is it challenging for you to eat better? There are more difficult things you could do, with fewer payoffs.

If you can sustain a healthy lifestyle – the number one tool for preventing Type 2 diabetes – you can avoid developing the disease even if it runs in your family. You can …

  • lower your blood sugar levels,
  • keep your weight within a reasonable range,

and then shift your focus to something else.

Once your habits are in place, all you will need to do is maintain your efforts, which requires less willpower than it does to get started once you find you have out of control blood sugar levels and gain gain.

With that covered, the question becomes how to keep Type 2 diabetes at bay indefinitely. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against you, and it is because we all share a harsh reality of life, depending on how you look at it – aging. With aging comes more health problems and fewer solutions. The older you get, the fewer guarantees you can count on.

Provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle and your health is the best it can be, there is an excellent chance you will avoid developing Type 2 diabetes and its many complications – even if you were predisposed to its development.

But can you be sure about its prevention? With time, the only thing you can be sure of is death. But does that not give you the motivation to make the most of your life? Your time is short, so do what you can to not spend it as a victim of Type 2 diabetes or any other preventable health issue.