There comes a time where we realize our health is no longer the same as when we were younger. In our youth, we could do whatever we wanted with minimal concences. We could drink alcohol and not have it affect us too much the next day. We could eat almost anything we wanted, and most of the time our body would handle it well. And even if we were physically in active, we were able to maintain a reasonable weight without too much effort.

But as we age, we come to the unfortunate conclusion our health is not at the same level it once was. Our body becomes more sensitive to what we put in it, and any impact takes longer to heal.

Just having a few drinks on a Friday night can ruin your Saturday. It feels as if you can add weight to your frame with ease, and now it is infinite harder to remove. And being sedentary takes its toll now; with each passing year the absence of physical activity hurts you more than you realize.

Despite it all, we must not blame our age. Aging is a reality we can not fight or deny. It is one we must accept and learn to tolerate. Even if our level of health will require more thought and effort to maintain, there is no reason for it to degrade freely.

With your intervention, you can improve your odds of a healthy life despite some of the harshest complications.

  • Type 2 diabetes is now a common disease among middle-aged adults worldwide,
  • obesity is an epidemic in many populations, and
  • heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death.

But these are all highly preventable diseases. Which raises the question – why have so many people become a victim of these controllable conditions?

There are many reasons involved, and most, if not all of them, are excuses. Genetics and family history are often used as a pretext. Aging is another. But you have to play with the cards you are dealt. The best you can do is make the most of your options and take action to ensure you are not a victim of your negligence. Type 2 diabetes and obesity, for instance, can be treated, or at the very least managed by just about everyone.

With intervention, you can all but guarantee the most severe complications associated with these diseases never affect you.

If you have been blaming your age, it is to your advantage to stop. You can do much better than that, and the positive results are yours for the taking.