A lot of the pain the average person experiences in life is not due to external factors. Much of the time, the pain felt is due to our thinking and how we react to a situation: but this is not to say how we respond is the cause of our worst pain. Few things can compare to those painful circumstances in life which are almost always outside of our control: the diagnosis of a disease like cancer or the death of a loved one, for instance. Unfortunately, these are outside our control and will occur anyway. Then we have little choice but to deal with them the best way we can.

In the meantime, however, you should spare yourself from any pain you might be inflating on your being. It is more common than you think. Psychological distress is unsettling at best and devastating to your psyche and your physical well-being at worst. It is wise to learn to control the outside factors in life to help manage stress. Stress and anxiety can be lethal …

  • they weakened your health,
  • facilitate the development of severe health problems, and
  • remove years from your life.

What kind of psychological pain are you dealing with? Does it have to do with something outside your control? If so, let it go.

Have you been diagnosed with a disease such as Type 2 diabetes, which has changed your perspective on your way of living? You may feel intense regret for not taking care of yourself in the past, or for not listening to advice. You may be appreciative about the present, and fearful of the future. The first few weeks can be a stressful time not only for the person diagnosed but also for their loved ones. Put a stop to any negative thoughts driving your bad ideas and revise your future expectations. It does not help to dwell on gloomy details: it is better to focus on what can be done because there is no shortage of options.

Are you overweight? It is an issue, sure. But it is a more significant problem if you torment yourself over it. Stop thinking you are destined to be overweight forever, because of “a or b.” If you find yourself in this frame of mind, consider if it is a rational opinion. It probably is not!

Regardless of your current health standing, you should not be hard on yourself. This does not mean you should not give yourself feedback but the key is to be constructive. Spare yourself punishment because it serves no purpose. No matter what has happened, give yourself a break. You are a human being, and like the rest of us, you make mistakes. But this also means you can learn from them.

Stop inflating psychological pain on yourself.