People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes know that they should stay away from sugary foods, yet they often crave them. Cravings are triggered by the biological properties of the food itself: this means particular foods have a chemical makeup that causes us to want them. So they have an addictive component like alcohol and drugs. Sugar as well as being sweet has a druglike effect which is why people crave sugar during times of stress.

What do you crave when you get an energy slump around 3 pm? It is normal to feel tired in the early afternoon, especially if you are up early in the morning for work or a quick workout. Fueling your body with healthy food at this time will help ensure you end up feeling your best and stop you from overeating. So which snacks should you go for? Which will help you combat your afternoon craving in a hurry? Let us take a closer look …

1. Celery Sticks With Nut Butter. The first option is celery sticks with nut butter. Whether you want peanut butter or almond butter is your choice, but either one is going to provide you with …

  • a source of energy,
  • help you bust hunger, and
  • help give some protein along with dietary fiber.

2. An Apple With Cheese. An apple with cheese is another healthy snack to turn to when you need a pick-me-up a few hours after lunch. Apples contain pectin fiber, which helps to suppress your appetite and keep your hunger in check.

Cheese brings in some protein and calcium, which will help with stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Choose reduced-fat or full-fat cheese depending on your particular macro goals for the day.

3. Whole Grain Crackers And Tuna. Next on the list is whole grain crackers paired with tuna. Tuna is a perfect ready-to-eat fat-free source of protein, so good for those who are looking to watch their bodyweight as well.

The whole grain crackers are a lower calorie option that will give you enough carbohydrates to help energize your body. Check the sugar content of any crackers you buy to ensure the level is in line with your daily targets.

4. Almonds And A Protein Shake. The last go-to snack to consider is almonds coupled with a protein shake. A protein shake is great for those on the go, and the almonds help to add a little staying power from the fats they provide. If you need something you can take with you in the car, this is a workable option. It also keeps in your desk drawer, but do not mix the protein powder until you are ready to drink the shake.

Keep these non-addictive snacks in mind to help quieten your cravings.